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Window Vinyl

For shop window displays, Vinyl provides a long term and clean solution to adding that bit extra to your window display, allowing people to see at a glance your phone number / web address and any other details that someone passing by may be interested in.

Also, small shapes of frosted vinyl can be used on large glass windows and doors for health and safety compliance.

Vinyl Colour Swatches
Colour Swatches Available

Perforated Window Vinyl

Perforated Graphics - Front of Door          Perforated Graphics - Back of Door

A one way vinyl that provides a highly visible graphic from one side, and lets you look through from the other side.

Known under a variety of names, such as "Contra-Vision", "50/50 One Way Vinyl" and "One Way Vision", but is best described as "the stuff at the back of buses".

Diffuse Blocking

Allows light in, but provides privacy for those inside by diffusing the shapes inside. Shapes can be cut out of the blocking to allow logo's to show through. A cheaper alternative to having the glass sand blasted, and providing the same effect.